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Flat Tire Service


Have a flat or leaking tire and need it to be fixed fast?

If you have a tire that is flat or leaking, call us and we can help you get back on the road, 24 hours a day.


When you're on the side of the road or stuck in your driveway with a flat tire, you want roadside assistance fast. We make it easy to get the flat tire service you need as quickly as possible at an affordable price.


We can reinflate your tire or, if your vehicle's spare tire is inflated and serviceable, our network of trusted local Minneapolis metro area roadside assistance experts from in and around Hennepin County will install it to replace the flat tire. If a spare tire is unavailable, we can provide you with a tow.*

*$131 price includes towing to a preferred repair facility within 5 miles, if required. Distances farther than 5 miles will incur an additional mileage fee. Call for details.

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